Monday, January 3, 2011

Vision Update

Over the winter break we took both girls to the doctor for a vision and glaucoma pressure check. Both girls turned out to have very good pressure checks this visit. We were so thrilled about this small amount of good news today.

Kaitlyn's astigmatism in her right eye has increased and could be the cause of increased eye strain and difficulty with vision - "I can't see", "My eyes are tired", "My head hurts", and other recent complaints. So needless to say we left with a new prescription for her eyeglasses that thankfully we had put off purchasing new frames until the new year so it worked out.

Unfortunately, Kyleigh didn't have the best of reports. Her eye patching has been going well but she still is having difficulty seeing with the left eye. As it turns out she is getting vision through the previous surgical canal that was made when her cataract was removed almost 2 years ago (there is a technical term for this that I just can't remember). She is not looking through her pupil because much to the surprise of the doctor and ourselves she has re-grown a cataract that is blocking her pupil. This will need to be taken care of sooner rather than later to preserve the chance of keeping her brain from shutting off and telling the eye not to work. So we will opt for surgery sometime in January or February. Currently we are awaiting the surgical scheduling desk to contact us with dates and times.

Until then, things go on as usual. Stay tuned for more updates. And..Happy New Year.
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