Sunday, October 31, 2010

Landon Scotty Wallace---Remembered Always

Picture taken on Wednesday October 20th at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC. We always went to the zoo on Landon and his Mommy’s birthday. October 20this his Mommy’s birthday.


To the dear friends and family of Landon,

On Thursday, October 28th, at approximately 9:15am our oldest son Landon Scotty Wallace went home to be with Jesus due to a suspected aneurism (bleeding) in the brain. Landon was transported to Catawba Memorial and then by helicopter to Brenner’s Children Hospital at Baptist Hospital, Winston-Salem NC. On Friday, October 29th, he was pronounced brain dead. At that point, we decided with the grace of God to donate Landon’s organs because this is exactly what Landon would have wanted. He was the most caring, generous and loving little boy. After 29 hours by Landon’s side holding his hands and kissing on his body, Landon’s body was used by God to perform miracles for at least three other children. The hospital is performing an autopsy to find out exactly what happened because the doctors want to help protect us from possibly having to go through this again with our youngest son, Noah.

We are comforted by knowing that Landon is with Jesus, whom he loved soooo much. We still need your prayers for grace to help us through this so we can be strong for our little Noah. Thanks to your prayers the blessings have been pouring upon us.

So many of you have sent notes and left messages asking if we are ok and what you can do. Right now, pray….and if you feel that you need to do more please send a donation to the Brenner’s Children Hospital in memory of Landon Scotty Wallace to help other children and their families that may be going through the same heartache.

Currently, the arrangements have not been finalized but we believe it will be on Wednesday. We will send a note as soon as we know the final arrangements.

Thank you for your love. Remember Landon’s sweet smile.

We love him sooooo much.

Scotty and Eugenia Wallace

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lollipops and Smiles

Today my girls were all smiles when I picked them up after school. Kaitlyn had a full and fun day of Fall centers and celebration at school. She was excited because mommy came and helped work the cupcake station in the room where the kids made an edible spider cupcake. Kyleigh went to school wearing her lady bug outfit so that she could trick or treat through the school building. Once home, I let Kaitlyn get out her ghost lollipop from school. It was a Tootsie Pop and of course my non-chocolate fan kid didn't want it so she gave it to me. Kyleigh seemed way too interested in my lollipop so I opened up her miniature version of the same lolly from her trick or treat school bucket. It was a sight to see. She was super excited. She was all about that lollipop and wanted more. So cute to watch her first experience with candy. Then I opened a cherry Pixi stix and put some on her tongue and Kaitlyn's tongue. They both loved it. Kyleigh indicated her approval with "mmmmmm" sounds and signing the word more over and over again. Welcome to baby crack---candy! We don't allow much candy for Kaitlyn and this will be Kyleigh's first introduction. However, I must admit the trick or treating and candy is more for me and dad. We always take and put it on top of the fridge and slowly but surely it disappears until Kaitlyn forgets it even existed to begin with until the next holiday rolls around.
Kyleigh also wore her eye patch for a full hour today at school. YIPPEEE!!! I am so relieved and so very proud that she left it on for so long of a time. Way to go Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Jessie as I am sure it took some work on their part as well.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Going Up...and Down...

So today I felt like I visited a large theme park full of emotions where the entrance fee was my co-pay ($60 - times two doctors). I drove to Duke this morning and all the while praying that we would hear good news. On the way there Kyleigh got so upset she pulled her hair out and got one arm wiggled free of the 5 point harness system. I managed to pull over safely and secure her again to her seat and then maneuver her seat closer to mine so that she was within arms reach. It helped a little but she was still unhappy for a majority of the trip. We arrive at the Children's Hospital at 8:42 for an 8:45 appointment. Not bad considering I had left late and pulled over on the side of the road.
Usually after check in you have a small waiting period before being called back. So I decided to feed Kyleigh her morning ritual of oatmeal. She was loving it and we were on bite number 3 when they called her name. Huh?? That was fast. So I manage to gather my child, diaper bag, stuffed Winnie the Pooh, spoon and bowl of oatmeal and follow the nurse. Amazing how she must have thought I had everything under control as the door almost hit me as we passed through and she never once offered to help with anything. One of the first people to really make me not smile so much today.
As she weighs Kyleigh, measures Kyleigh, and starts to take her blood pressure...I see my child raise her little foot to the nurses face as if to say, "smell it". I laughed so hard. It was so cute. She knows her little feet get stinky in socks and shoes and she was being playful with her nurse that evidently was a big ol' grouch and didn't see the humor in Kyleigh at all. Strike Two!
Then we go to another room and wait and Kyleigh finishes her now cold oatmeal but she doesn't seem to mind. A very nice lady came to take us back for the EEG. She is the same nurse that has performed the test on Kyleigh since she was tiny. Kyleigh was an excellent patient. She hugged her Pooh bear and made it light up and sing. She smiled and laughed at the nurse. She only got fussy when the nurse started to pull off the sticky probes. Then, we returned to the other room to wait for the doctor.
Kyleigh danced about the room and was in very good spirits. The doctor came in and said he liked what the EEG showed him today. He listened to her heart from the back and front of her chest. He measured her pulse, checked her toes and fingers for blood circulation, asked me some questions and then gave me the best news ever----
"Mrs. Foster, I don't hear the murmur today and based on the test the hole in her heart may have closed up on its own or is very small. We won't know unless we do an echo but I would like to wait until she is a little older so that we don't have to sedate her. So, how about come back when she is 4 or 5, in two years, otherwise she is looking great to me". I was elated!!! Two year check up--sweet!
So I am now on top of the mountain and my stress level has decreased dramatically. I load up Kyleigh, the bag, the toys and head across the hospital to the eye clinic for our next appointment. We arrive at 10:15. Our appointment was for 10:45 or as soon as we could arrive. From the looks of the waiting room we were in for a long wait. There were so many people and lots of new patients it seemed. Kyleigh sat and ate, she played, she won the heart and smile of our neighbor waiting on the doctor as well. We finally get called back at 11:40 and it was to do the picture cue cards. These cards are large boxes on a gray background and within the boxes are stripes of white and black that start out bold and get fuzzy and closer together as the box decreases in size. They ask Kyleigh to look for the box as they turn it every direction and change the location and size of the box they present her. The doctor first did it with her using both eyes. Then she covered the left eye leaving her to use the right eye (presumably the worst since it has had more surgeries and pressure problems) but she does very well. Then she covers the right eye and has her repeat the cards with presumably the better eye.
as my heart falls to the floor. She failed the exam. She can't see at all from the left eye. WHAT??!! Her best eye..she can see that try again I plead. They try again and Kyleigh doesn't respond to the card. They move the cover to the left eye and repeat the right and she can see most of the cards. I don't understand. What does this mean? This doctor tells me that Dr. Freedman will be with me shortly and explain it all but if I would just go back and wait in the waiting room.

GRRRrrrrr...Strike 3!

I am now left feeling confused about my child's vision in a waiting room that I have been in since 10:15 and it is now after 12:15. We wait and wait and wait. Kyleigh eats again and takes some of her bottle. She fusses and squirms now because it is almost 1pm and she is tired. The happy neighbors are getting restless and somehow not as impressed with Kyleigh's cuteness as she now whines and fusses about the sofa wanting so badly to nap and repeatedly says to me "bye-bye mama" as if to say "let's GO".
2pm...we get called back to Dr. Freedman...she looks Kyleigh over. She checks her pressure with the Icare kit and says, "great news..pressure is NORMAL"... I am back up on the mountain and so happy until...she shakes her head (never a good thing). She looks again. She does an ultrasound on both eyes. She asks me to hold her a certain way and she puts on the helmet to look one more time. Dr. Freedman evidently was having trouble seeing Kyleigh's retina at first but didn't want to scare me although I have learned her body language now and knew that something wasn't quite right. She couldn't get Kyleigh's eye to respond with what they call a "red reflex". However, the ultrasound shows everything was okay and her pressures are great.
Dr. Freedman proceeds to tell me that Kyleigh's vision in her left eye is significantly lower. It appears that it has become lazy and the right eye is doing most of the work. Therefore, the solution---patching the right eye.
Noooooooooo...I scream inside my head. We lived the patching with Kaitlyn at this age and it didn't work, it was a nightmare. However, I will do anything to try and avoid surgery and to help my child's vision. Although you are asking me to put in darkness her better eye 1-2 hours per day for the next 6-8 weeks. My heart sinks again.
We leave the eye clinic and head to the cafeteria because my egg breakfast is gone and I'm starving. I am on the brink of tears from pure emotional ups and downs when the cashier completely ignores me and pays closer attention to her friend and a ghetto fabulous bracelet. Meanwhile, I stand in the line with money in hand, small child in my arms, diaper bag dangling, and a tray of food. I could care less that your friend just bought a bracelet. I could care less that you make minimum wage to take my order right now. I want you to pay attention to me. I am not just another worker on my lunch break. I am a mom that has had a trying day at your hospital and I need to get my food and go home. It must have been the way I said to her, "excuse me but would you like me to pay for this food now or after I eat it" that made her decide to ask if I would like some help. Strike Out!
As I scarf down my pizza and choke back the tears Kyleigh wiggles close into my body. I just wanted to sit there and hold her but I knew we had to head home. I started the trek back across the hospital to the parking area in the pouring rain. Kyleigh fell asleep on my shoulder. She didn't even budge when I put her in the seat. She slept the whole way home. I listened to KLOVE and sang and cried both tears of joy and sadness. I am so very thankful that Kyleigh got two praise reports today- heart and pressure. I am so saddened that her vision is getting worse and that we are faced with the battle of patching again.
So although today had many ups and downs like the roller coaster at a theme park, it wasn't the worst day. The ups made me smile and the downward loops gave me a pit in my tummy, but we are going to be just fine. Even tonight Kyleigh proved once again you can't keep that baby down as she grabbed hold to a banana and took a big bite like a big kid for the very first time. I was so proud. She will be just fine..this I know.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


They seem to be lurking around every corner waiting to attack Kyleigh. She starts to get better, bounces back from her virus/cold, and then all of a sudden spikes another fever and the vicious virus cycle begins again. We have been dealing with this since early September. I thought I was ready for Fall. It use to be my favorite season. But now, with the crazy temperatures fluctuating and the sickness it brings with it, I loathe Fall. I find myself battling whether I should be at home with Kyleigh, put her in private care, or deal with the fact she is going to pick up every illness at Gateway but have a stronger immune system later. In fact, Kaitlyn (knock on wood), seems to be doing well this year and for the most part last year had few illnesses. She stayed sick as a little one too and it has finally built up enough immunity to fight off the small colds and viruses. I get tired of hearing, she'll grow out of it or it will get better once Fall and Winter pass. Really??? She is still little and I can't make Fall go away any faster. Ugghhh...pure frustration right now. I can only hope we have a healthy household soon and can keep it for the upcoming holiday season.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Can you hear me now?

So Kyleigh went for yet another Audiological testing session today and to visit the ENT doctor. Never mind they just did these tests one month ago at the cleft palate review team meeting but they insisted we keep our regularly scheduled appointment and do it again. The drive down was unbearable to say the least. Kyleigh was cranky and didn't fall asleep until we were 10 minutes from the clinic at the hospital. I almost cried too.

The appointment was painful because she was even more cranky at this point and she was uncooperative with the sounds and lights. She could hear them but wouldn't respond so that she could score the points. Instead, she would wait until the sounds and lights went off and then turn and wave bye-bye and say "bye-bye". As if she was mocking the entire procedure. Not to mention the tech plays with toys just out of her reach as a means of distraction so that she won't stare at the section of lights and toys the entire time. I get that part but why can't she hold a toy. It is complete baby torture to keep showing my kid a toy and when she reaches for it take it away. Anyways, needless to say she failed her hearing test. Then they proceeded to do the test with the ear plug inserts, we did two different ones. She passed. They said, thanks for coming and you can see the doctor now. The doctor says, "Ear tubes look great. They are probably going to fall out in the next 6 months. So we will see you then". Really?? Sixty dollar co-pay and lots of distress later we are on our way home and she again is fussy. But who can blame her, right? I am just thankful that we don't have to make the trek to Durham again until the end of the month for her cardiology and eye exams.

On another note, continue to pray for my mom. Her procedure (surgery) is this Wednesday. Also, a friend of ours is having surgery on Thursday to donate his kidney. Pray for John, Robbie and the surgeons and their families. Thanks.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on My Mom

Mom saw a cardiologist today and they determined she does have some heart damage. She is scheduled for an heart catherization on the 13th of October to see if she has blockages that are causing the low functioning of her left ventricle. If they find blockages they will put in stents. Before they put her on any medication this must be done because her blood pressure is running too low and it could cause her to have a heart attack. All this said, please continue to pray for healing.

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