Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post Op Appointment

I went for my post-op appointment yesterday. The doctor reviewed my scan of my brain from the first surgery and showed me the coils that are now in my brain and completely closing the left aneurysm. I was thinking the next surgery would be soon but due to him using a stent the first time to close the wide neck on the aneurysm, he wants to give me a full 6 weeks to heal before going in again. That will make the next surgery the week of July 18th. I will know the exact day closer to the week of surgery. Until then I plan to squeeze as much summer fun as possible with my girls. I was released to "normal" activity which means I can drive again, take walks and play with my girls. This will give us some much needed time to heal together as a family. Continue to pray for all of us. Thanks.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quiet Reflections

Today I watched part of the memorial video. Not exactly sure what I expected but the tears just flowed down my face. My heart sank deep in my chest. I found it hard to really listen to the words being shared. I guess it will take time for me to really remember and digest the service but what I remember and what I re-watched today was beautiful. All the words spoken were genuine and kind. I still miss him so. The wound in my heart is still fresh.

I called Dr. Sasser, minister that married us and spoke at the service, after I watched part of the video. He was so kind to just listen to me weep and talk about Dennis. He spoke such words of encouragement that night and today. He reminded me that we always looks to repeat yesterday because we know what to expect but we must live for today and tomorrow instead.

I spent the afternoon with my Janet, friend and neighbor, getting a pedicure and relaxing. It was nice to get away for an hour. The girls are well taken care of by friends right now and I am enjoying the solitude of the house for the next hour. I hate my restrictions on exercise, bending, driving and pretty much everything related to being independent and a full time mom. I am ready to have this chapter of health as part of yesterday.

Keep us in your prayers as I know you will.
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