Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kyleigh and Kaitlyn-doctor visit

So I picked up my girls today and had to take them to the pediatrician. Kyleigh had been projectile vomitting and Kaitlyn's nose was like a water faucet stuck in the on position. On the drive there both girls were crying. At one point I just had to chuckle out loud because there was absolutely nothing I could do about either one of them crying. I thought to myself, "I might as well laugh because someone is up in heaven looking down and laughing as if this was better than re-run shows of Cosby". Then I called a friend to talk to her, even though she couldn't hear me very well because of the crying, and told her I had to share the irony of the situation because I couldn't call "TBS" and have them verify that it was indeed funny. Anyways, Kyleigh stopped crying first and then started talking and cooing. Kaitlyn finally stopped crying too. 

At the doctor's office they determined it was definitely Kaitlyn's allergies and it was time for a double dose of allergy meds. She is now taking both Claritin and Singulair. I hope it helps for her sake because she is miserable. Kyleigh was the picture of health this visit according to the doctor. She weighed in at a 9 lb 8 oz - woohoo!!!! Her ears were perfectly clear- no infection! He didn't think the vomitting was viral but instead related to reflux. So back to the GI doc we go. I will call them in the morning. I am so glad she isn't sick though. She has been a happy little girl this evening. In fact, she is usually asleep by now and she is lying on our bed wide awake looking at the fan and light. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

VI Teacher visits

Kyleigh's VI (visually impaired teacher) from Governor Morehead visited today. She asked me a series of questions while Kyleigh slept peacefully in her car seat the first 30 minutes or so. Then Kyleigh woke up and she began to interact with her. She brought a handheld toy that lights up (reminds me of the toys you get at the circus). Kyleigh followed this toy with her eyes and head. Then she presented her with a pom-pom that was blue and shiny. Kyleigh liked it so much she reached out to touch it and grabbed two handfuls. She then squealed with glee as if to say, " I know I just did something big". It was so cute! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vision Services and Kyleigh Update

Today we met with a therapist from Governor Morehead. Governor Morehead is a community-based early intervention program that serves babies birth to age . The focus of intervention by Governor Morehead is to enhance environmental and educational experiences, provide adaptations, visual assessment and training, skill development, pre-Braille and Braille instruction (if needed) and orientation/mobility instruction. The program is state funded through the general assembly. Today the therapist went over paperwork and discussed the medical history of Kyleigh. Next Monday she will return to do an assessment of Kyleigh. Along with the information provided by doctors she will determine Kyleigh's eligibility for therapy services. 

In addition we found out today that Kyleigh will be tested for genetic disorders this week. Our plan is to take her in tomorrow to the lab for blood draw. The blood will be sent off and results should follow in 3 to 4 weeks. The geneticist is testing for a specific syndrome and chromosomal deletion disorder. We don't know anything specific about either the syndrome or chromosomal deletion disorder at this time. We will wait for the results and pray. 

Kyleigh's reflux is still bothering her. It is severe enough that the nutritionist feels it has become a deterring factor for Kyleigh's lack of eating recently. Babies tend to associate pain with events. If her pain happens every time after she eats then her brain is telling her, "don't eat". Both myself and the nutritionist have put a call into the doctor's office today to get them to address our concern. Until then we have added vanilla flavoring to the unflavored milk in hopes to entice her to want to eat. Of course, it could be her ears hurting that is keeping her from eating as well but her ear re-check isn't until next week. 

So for now- keep praying for good eating, weight gain, and patience while we wait for blood test results. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Harrison Totty --- sweet baby boy!!!

Heather and Stephen celebrated the birth of their second son on Friday, April 17th- 
Harrison James Totty. I had the great opportunity of meeting him today and holding him. He is so sweet and cuddly. What a beautiful little boy---looks just like his momma! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so here are some pics from her blog that show you a sneak peak at the little one. 

Harrison was born at 2:39 pm on Friday April 17th. Is was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update on Kyleigh

Kyleigh had her 4 month check up yesterday on my 31st birthday. Poor baby had to get her booster vaccinations but she did a great job. She is currently still below on the growth charts and now considered "failure to thrive" baby. Her current measurements are: 

Weight 8 lbs 15 oz 
Length 22 1/4 inches long

These measurements fluctuate because they weigh her with clothes sometimes and other times without clothes. Regardless, Dr. O'Kelley said we should "soup" up her formula and make it rocket fuel. He had our nutritionists call me today with the specifics of how to mix the formula to give her more calories per serving. We are also trying rice cereal. 

Meanwhile, we have called the GI doctor at Duke to get a consultation regarding her reflux medicines as this has become quite a problem with feeding and weight. She has a double ear infection that was found at the appointment yesterday and most likely due to reflux. So we are currently awaiting instructions on how the meds will change to address her reflux. 

On a good note we saw Dr. Freedman today and she loved how Kyleigh's eye looked and how responsive she was to lights and toys. She seemed to be the most visually responsive and active today than ever before. Dr. Freedman was very pleased with this behavior. Kyleigh at one point reached for a toy that Dr. Freedman had in her hand. She also brought her hands together at the midline which is a very necessary and developmentally appropriate task that she hasn't been doing consistently. We were so ecstatic to get good news about her visual tracking and sight. We will return in three weeks for another check but her pressure is at a good number and things are looking on the up and up. She has been referred to Governor Morehead for visual therapy and we hope to hear from them soon. 

We are also in the process of seeking financial help with her formula, meds and doctor bills as these are piling up. Her formula alone is costing us approximately $600 per month and that is way over our budget. We went from mommy's milk to $50 a can in less than 1 month--talk about painful. We are in constant prayer about a decision for me to work next year or take time off to help Kyleigh overcome some of her medical hurdles. However, with so many expenses it seems unlikely that we can make it without my paycheck. So please join help us continue to pray for Kyleigh's development, health and our financial situation as we look to God to help us make the best decision for our entire family. 

Easter Dinner at Mamaws House

Mamaw decided to be silly and pose for the camera while cooking. She is so funny! She cooked a good ham dinner for Easter---yummy! 
Kyleigh was enjoying some time with her mawmaw while dinner was being cooked. 
Kaitlyn begging her daddy to play a game of "I spy" with her pawpaw and cousins. 
My dad and cousins' children playing a game of "I Spy". My dad couldn't watch his t.v. this Sunday because the girls were watching Noggin and playing games. But he still enjoyed himself as you can tell by the gigantic smile on his face. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

Kristen and Kaitlyn dying eggs on a Friday night....brave Kristen...mommy helped some too! 
I wonder what color tablet goes in this bucket? 
Let's pour the water and see if we got the orange tablet in the correct bucket. 
Let's try the yellow bucket now...
Okay..third time is a charm--right??
Or not....all the colors in the wrong cup except blue...oh well!

This is so much fun...look at me I can do it all by myself! 
You just open and close and drop the egg in the bowl....yippee--I did it! 

So much fun for a Friday night---thanks for helping Kristen!!!

Back to Work and Spring Break

I returned back to work 2 weeks ago and thankfully I am officially on Spring Break. Returning to work after being home since November 22nd was very difficult. I truly enjoyed spending intimate time with Kyleigh. I felt as if I was the only one that knew her and could truly meet her needs. Thankfully, God has provided for my mom and dad to watch her now that I'm back at work. She totally needs the 1-1 care that she receives from my mom versus daycare where there are multiple children. She has currently lost weight from 9 lbs to 8 lbs 8 oz. We aren't sure why she is losing weight but we go to the pediatrician on Monday for her four month check-up. We go back to Duke for an eye check up on Tuesday and are praying for good results. Until then, we are going to enjoy the Easter Weekend as a family. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is Dennis' birthday and it just so happens that it coincides with April Fool's Day. Luckily he has not tricked me on his birthday in the past few years, maybe because he has learned not to or maybe because he is just so busy. Regardless, we will celebrate his birthday as a family this weekend but I just want him to know that he is remembered today---"Have a great day sweetheart - the girls and I love you very much!" Happy 40th---Just kidding!!!

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