Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kaitlyn's Cute Antics

Kaitlyn ran an errand with me this evening and she couldn't wait to take her baby doll with her. This baby doll just happens to be one that we had packed away up in the attic because she never played with her when we gave it to her 2 years ago. Tonight she took the bottle and her play phone that we found in the attic with us to the store. She was feeding the baby in the car while talking on the cellphone to various people. She was sighing and explaining to the person on the other end of this pretend conversation that she would "have to call you back because the baby is crying and she is trying to get her to go to sleep". Then she said, "well, I will call you when I get back from the store, okay". Next thing I knew she was shushing her baby doll and telling her not to cry and to go to sleep. Then she said, "ugh..hold is ringing mommy...I got to take this call okay". She answered and told them "I'll call you back when I get back from the store, okay". Then she said, "Oh no. I got to call my Nana and Mawmaw and tell them something about the baby". I giggled because I knew she was mimicking me the entire time. Then, the ultimate funny phrase came out of her mouth as she pretended to have a conversation with her Nana ---- "Hi, ummm, Nana...yes...did you go over the river and thru the woods to get there?". I busted out laughing as I drove the van. Of course, she didn't like that I was laughing and she didn't know why so I had to explain to her that I was laughing at something else. She then proceeded to call her mawmaw and ask for directions to the beach because based on her conversation that is where mawmaw and pawpaw are right now and she wanted to take the baby to see them. HILARIOUS!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

We went to my parents house this year for Thanksgiving. It was just us 4 and my parents but it was a nice meal and the girls enjoyed their quality time with mawmaw and pawpaw. Here are some pics from the day-

Kyleigh is downing a bottle after waking from a long, much needed nap today.
Kaitlyn convinces pawpaw to play baby with him. He is feeding the baby and taking specific directions from Kaitlyn as to how it is done.
Kyleigh is enjoying playing on the floor at mawmaw and pawpaw's house with her whoozit.
Kyleigh laughing at her silly daddy---too bad this picture doesn't have sound bytes because she has the cutest laugh.
Daddy and his little girl on her first Thanksgiving. She even got to eat sweet potatoes today.
Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with family and/or friends this year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eye Update for Both Girls

So today was a long and eventful day for our girls. My mom picked up Kaitlyn from school at 10:30 so she could come home and eat lunch before we hit the road for Duke. Both girls had an appointment at the Eye clinic today at 1:15. Kyleigh played the whole way there and Kaitlyn took a much needed nap. While there both girls did an amazing job of cooperating with the doctor. She was able to get a very accurate check of their eye pressures. Both girls have pressures in the low 20's which is high comparatively but stable for them. She also looked at their optic nerve and said they look very healthy indeed. Kyleigh's corneas were crystal clear which is another indication that pressure is good. Although Kaitlyn has had a "wobbly" left eye recently it is nothing related to the pressure which is great news. It is most likely the weak muscle and her overuse of the right eye in comparison to her left. It is definitely time for new glasses for Kaitlyn so we will visit Dr. Young in Greensboro next week to get her fitted for new specks. Kyleigh's vision is improving as well. She is becoming less far sighted and her prescription is getting better but we didn't need to change her glasses just yet. She needs to get more accustomed to wearing them constantly first. They tested Kyleigh's vision today using chart boards that had a grey background and squares with black/white stripes. Each board they showed her the square got smaller and the stripes got closer together in proximity and the black/white got lighter. It was amazing to watch her look and find the contrasting blocks. She did great. It was obvious when we reached the board where she could no longer detect the presence of a different shade. Dr. Freedman was impressed that based on this evaluation today she is finally on the chart for visual acuity. She is not on the normal curve yet but to be on the chart is better than being off the chart. YIPPEEE---go Kyleigh!!!

We are also in the process of breaking Kyleigh's attachment to her pacifier. As most of you know she cannot have it post surgery of the cleft palate and now that is literally just around the corner. She still needs it a large portion of the day. Today she had it in the car and at the doctor appointment. But she did well playing in between those times and not having it attached to her clothing again until bed time tonight. So we shall see how long this process takes. Pray for her and us as we enter this battlefield!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 months ago---and counting

Here is a pic of our 11 month old girl today --
Kyleigh turned 11 months old today. That means in one month she will be a year. YIKES!!! Where did the time go? It is so hard to imagine her as a one year old since she is behind developmentally. She is such a happy baby most days though so I can't complain about that. We have a surgery date for her cleft palate repair scheduled for January 28th. This gives her time to get through the holidays (first birthday, Christmas, and all of the gatherings in between). Plus it gives her time to possibly gain another pound or two before then. She is currently 14 lbs 2 oz and 70.8 cm long. She is a growing. She has recently increased her time sitting up to 10 minutes without support and she rolled over from belly to back again today. The rolling was a skill she had down pat but she stopped and I was so relieved to see her do it again today with some prompting of course; nonetheless, she rolled. I am excited to have the surgery scheduled now so we can prepare better for the date. It gives us time after surgery to help her recuperate before I am scheduled to return to work. However, I have the biggest butterflies in my stomach right now thinking about it and anticipating what to expect as the outcome. Will she do well? Will she recover quickly? Will there be a lot of pain? Will she regress in her developmental milestones we are finally achieving? Will she bounce back just as quickly and take off to become the overachieving little girl we dreamed of? So many questions and too many to type here.

What I do know is that the unknown is terrifying but I am learning to keep my faith in God to take care of her. I am being constantly reminded through the sermon series at our church this month that we must not have unrealistic expectations of life and perspective is everything. God is giving me such a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on my time home with Kyleigh and he is working on her physical development daily. But he is also working on me- making me a better mom, wife, and overall person. I have had a song stuck in my head playing over and over again for the past month by Sandy Patti called "Masterpiece". It speaks to all I truly believe that both of my girls are and will become. If you have never listened to it before I urge you to google the lyrics or find it on iTunes and listen. It is beautiful! It will make you cry or bring mist to your eyes so be prepared. Here is a look into the lyrics -

Before you had a name or opened up your eyes
Or any one could recognize your face
You were being formed so delicate inside
Secluded in God’s safe and hidden place

With your little tiny hands and little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl
He breathed in you a
song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world

You are a Masterpiece a new creation he has formed
And you’re as soft and fresh as a snowy winter morn
And I’m so glad that God has given you to me
Little lamb of God, you are a Masterpiece.

And now you’re growing up, your life’s a miracle
Every time I look at you I stand in awe
Because I see in you a reflection of me
And you’ll always be my little lamb from God

And as your life goes on each day, how I pray that you will see
Just how much your life has meant to me
And I’m so proud of you, what else is there to say
Just be the masterpiece He created you to be.


So as you can see I am just believing that God has given me to beautiful girls to raise and both of them are truly a "Masterpiece". They have their flaws but they are growing up and changing daily. I thank God every day that Kyleigh only has the cleft palate and not the lip. It seems silly but I think God knew that I just needed that one little piece of perfection in that both my girls have "lipstick" lips at birth. Okay, so maybe that is a bit vain but I still thank him daily that we aren't dealing with multiple surgeries due to a cleft palate and cleft lip. We pray that all we have to do is one surgery on the palate. We know he is touching her eyes and ears. We know he has given Kaitlyn the ability to use her better eye and she is moving forward with leaps and bounds. Sometimes I just wish I could see what was coming around the corner so I could be prepared with excitement in my voice or a tissue in my hand but all I know right now is to hold tight to friends, family and faith. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kaitlyn and Kyleigh's Update

Kaitlyn earns the Terrific Kid Award for 1st Quarter at Shadybrook - she is acting shy on stage---she can be so "goofy" - November 13th Hi Mommy---I'm sitting up all by myself and if I must say so myself I'm in an adorable outfit
Yum...Yum...mommy's chin is a nice chew toy (Thank goodness no teeth yet)
Kaitlyn has learned to write her name all by herself--we are so proud of our big girl!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unseen and Unexpected Blessings

So Dennis and I took a total leap of faith when I signed up for a 6 month leave of absence to take care of Kyleigh. It has not been easy on us financially, emotionally, or mentally. I knew in my heart that it was the right thing and God would provide for our family over and over again if we would just trust him. Well, it started a month or so back when we received a love offering and pantry gift from my parents' church. Then last week, we received a refund check in the mail from FACPS that was totally unexpected. Tonight our small group presented me with a card. In this card were words of love and prayers and money for our struggles. WOW! They said, God told them to do this and they wanted to bless us. WOW!!! So lately I have felt alone in this struggle. I have spoken with friends and they always lend an ear, shoulder, hand me a tissue, or whatever is needed at the time. I just never saw this coming. I thought God was going to provide through us sacrificing more and more when instead he is providing unexpected blessings along side the sacrifices. Again---WOW!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kyleigh Update and today's adventures

4:oo am Kaitlyn woke up sick in bed again.... :(
4:30 am Kaitlyn woke up sick in bed again.... :( bad tummy
5:00am Kyleigh woke up hungry and crying from double ear infection pain
6:30 am Crystal, Kyleigh and mawmaw leave for appt to Duke but Crystal hits mawmaw's car with her van in the driveway ---- OH NO!!!
7:00 am Leaving for Duke --damaged van and all
8:30 Kyleigh's appointment with Dr. Campbell cardiologist
EKG---she was a true champ and lay perfectly still for this procedure
Blood Pressure--- not such a happy camper..couldn't get a true reading
Weight -- 6.385kg (equals about 14 lbs)
Height-- 70.8 cm long
Echocardiogram---she was another champ...babbling, smiling, very little fussing, tried to help the tech scan her heart and also tried to eat the cords :)
Results----good heart :) Still has a hole in the upper chambers, called an ASD, but it is very small which is why doctors can't hear it using their stethoscopes but it is there and doesn't seem to be the cause for poor growth

12:00 ENT appointment (running late)
Confirmed double ear infection
Discussed having to use Ciprodex ear drops for next 2 weeks and possibly keep her on the drops long term (on and off) until cleft palate repair

1:40 Heading home but decided to drive around the parking deck like a merry go round looking for the exit, almost got hit by a mean driver backing up out of the exit lane

3:00 Arrive home with a happy baby and call insurance to file claim on vehicles

It's been a long day but so glad to have gotten good news that the whole in her heart isn't getting larger.

We are cleared by 2 out of 4 doctors for cleft palate surgery. Woohoo!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm a Cheerleader----
Kaitlyn enjoyed dressing as a cheerleader. She did a great job of saying an old cheer of mine from high school (no I was never a cheerleader but it was popular at all the football games)--
Go Bananas! Go Go Bananas!
Lean to your Left
Lean to your Right
Peel your banana and
Take a bite!!!

Our little Jack o' Lantern - such a happy girl despite ear infections
She dressed up just for pictures then it was bottle and off to bed for this sick and sleepy girl.
Happy Family....(awww...Dennis and Crystal have matching shirts)
My sweet

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