Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Follow Up Scheduled

I spoke to the neurosurgeon's office this morning and my follow up angiogram is scheduled for November 23rd. That is the first day of vacation in November, the day before Thanksgiving. All should go well, as long as the right side shows healing like the left I will go home the same day and have no restrictions the next day. I can still eat Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the few days of break. Compared to brain surgery, this can't be too bad.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Aneurysm Update

Today I saw the neuro-radiologist surgeon that completed both of my recoiling surgeries to repair the aneuryms. He was pleased with my progress so far. He has me continuing on the Plavix for one month, 325 mg of aspirin daily for life, and repeat of an angiogram procedure in 4 months to check the right side and make sure it has completely healed. From that point, he will decide if I need a repeat angiogram or just MRA's to keep a constant watch on future development of aneurysms. As a young female that has already had two repaired, I am prone to develop more in my lifetime. However, I have never smoked and do not have high blood pressure which were two major risks factors for developing aneurysm to begin with. Ironic?? Anyways, I also asked about my two daughters being at risk and he said not at this time but as they enter adulthood they should be watched for risk signs and possibly have a MRA conducted between ages of 21 and 35 if they have similar symptoms and occurrences that led to my MRA.

For now, I am back to "normal" routine. I can drive again and take care of my children without assistance. This is a big step for us. The house is on the market and I am praying it sells quickly so we can begin a new start. I will return to teaching this fall and the children will return to school. I am praying the transition is smooth for all of us. Until then, we plan to enjoy the remainder of the summer with family and friends. Thanks for following us through this journey. We appreciate your continued prayers and support as the healing journey of renewal has only begun.
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