Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Kyleigh is growing in leaps and bounds in so many ways. She is more and more verbal each day. She is seeing so much better after this last surgery. Her eye pressures are normal. We have eliminated most of her drops. She is patching 1-2 hours a day but using a really cute glass cover patch instead of the stick on kind. She is eating chicken like it is the best food ever and it is so cool to watch her at the dinner table now. Most recently, she has surprised me with her recent potty training event. She initiated this entire ordeal on her own one Saturday when she pulled her pants down, verbalized something while pulling at her diaper and continued until I guessed that she was wanting to potty. She went to the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat and said "otti". It was adorable. From that moment on we have given her freedom to go to the bathroom whenever she asks as well as we have prompted her at times to go use the potty. We even pulled out the more comfy small sized toddler potty for her. Her teachers at school have also been reinforcing going potty with her.
Today at school she earned stickers every time she initiated going to the potty and actually pee-pee in the potty. Additionally, she "pooped" in the potty today! Yep, you go it...my little girl did her big girl business on the potty! Whooop Whooop! I am one excited mommy! Starting tomorrow she will be wearing training panties (you know the thicker kind of panties but not diapers) during the daytime and only diapers at nap and bedtime. I am sure we may go through many outfits in a given day at first but we are willing to try and she seems ready. Either way, she has made GREAT progress and we are so VERY PROUD.

Also, Kaitlyn is growing so fast too. She has really taken off with her reading lately. She is learning and retaining more and more sight words. She is reading books to us and enjoying it. We are SO VERY PROUD of her as well.

Looking forward to more and more changes as this year moves along.
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